RDY Arena
RDY Arena
oktober 22, 2019

RDY Arena get accepted to Arctic business incubator

With RDY Arena players from all over the world can start to compete in Dota 2 and CS:GO. Witch is a huge group of players. About 34 million players each month are playing these games.

-  This can become a billion-euro market. We could grow into a juggernaut, says Jonathan Henriksson CEO & Co-founder. He together with Rebecka Österberg founded the company and they own it together with a Polish IT company, where a team is working with the development. Arctic Ventures has also joined.

The business model is to offer esport interested players to a arena where they can compete with each other. The platform can arrange competitions for all skill levels. This gives the possibility to the players with talent to become professional players.

- What we do is offering a service for players to create their own esport competitions with prize pools to compete for, says Jonathan Henriksson.

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