RDY Arena


Challenge a friend or join up with them to take on other players in one of the cash prize competitions, all competitions are pay to play. Grab your free 3 €!

Solo Mode
supported game


Do you want to win prizes on your games but still play ranked games? For you we introduce the our new feature Solo Mode. With this game mode you can play solo ranked games in Dota 2, and still win prizes! The system checks the first ranked game that you play after registing a game at RDY Arena.

  • + Shorter wait time
  • + Play at your skill level
  • + No play schedule
  • + Register and play when it suits you
  • + Win prize money and not just MMR
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DOta 2 game
supported game


Enter the battle as one of the legendary heroes of Dota. No matter if it’s your 10th hour of play or 1,000th, there’s always something new to discover, and new challenges to overcome.

  • + Play against up to 10 other players.
  • + Winning team gets paid.
  • + Login with your ranked Dota account and get 3 € for free
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supported game


Create your own competition or ladder. Select from a range of options; Gamemode, Player count, and the prize pool. Find your opponent or let Dota 2 find them for you and start gaming.

  • + No registration needed just login using your steam account
  • + Secure payments with paypal
  • + Dedicated prize pool for all competitions
  • + All new players get 3 €
  • + Withdraw your winnings
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Dota 2 ladders
supported game


Create or join one or more of our ladders. Ladders is our new take on tournaments, ladders have the benefits that the players can play when it suits them and not be forced to play at given times.

  • + Play when it suits you
  • + Compete in bigger events
  • + Show of your skills
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How it works

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This is what we have planned so far.

CS:GO game
planned game


Team up in this fast phased shooter and find out why the gameplay of Counter-Strike has stood the test of time since it launched in 1999.

  • + Play against up to 5 other players.
  • + Winning team gets paid.
  • + Community created tournaments
Launch Date TBA
PUBG game
planned game


Enter the battleground with 99 other players fighting to be the last standing in an ever-shrinking battlefield.

  • + Play against up to 100 other players.
  • + Top 10 gets paid
  • + Pricepool up to 1.000€ / game
Launch Date TBA


Here we are trying to answer the most frequently asked questions

You create an account by logging in using your steam account. After that, you can register for competitions. Just make sure that you have enough funds to register for a competition.
Yes, by calling gg in chat will trigger a countdown before the game will be terminated. You can cancel the countdown before it goes to 0 so you can continue the game.
You as competition creator decides but it depends on how many players will participate and how big the registration fee is.
Make sure that you will receive invites from nonfriends. You can find that setting under social options in Dota 2. Make sure that 'Block part invites from non-friends' is unchecked. When the game starts one of our bots will send out an invite to you.
You are registered for a competition but the funds have not yet been drawn for your account. They are just reserved and can be unlocked by unregistering from the competition.
Login using a ranked Dota 2 account. Then head over to your wallet. At the bottom of the page, you have a button that says "Get 3 € Bonus" klick that to let the site check your ranked status. The wallet will then be updated with your 3 € sign-up bonus.


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